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Please Read Before Submitting

As of March 17th, 2020, The journal is imposing a temporary moratorium on paper submissions.
This is owed to the disruption in the review process that is being caused by the global health crisis, and helps to give our desk reviewers, external referees, and staff less voluntary service as they make changes at work and at home to adapt to new formats.
We will revisit the policy on the first of every month. We do not currently foreshadow a delay in the publication of the journal.

With questions regarding papers already submitted, please contact the Editorial Coordinator, Christy Pogue.

For anything not requiring anonymity, please contact the Editor, Joe Salerno.

Please review and follow all the instructions before submission. In particular, please review the instructions for anonymizing your submission. Inadequately anonymized submissions will be rejected. If you have any problems with the submission, please contact the Editorial Coordinator. (In order to protect the anonymity of the review, please do not contact the Editor.)