The journal aims to report yearly on acceptance rates, times to initial decision, and other data.

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  • In 2017, the journal received 124 submissions. 11 of those were invited/solicited for things such as a journal related conference or speaker series. 113 of the submissions were unsolicited, of which 19 were accepted—an acceptance rate of 17%.
  • The average time from submission to initial decision for unsolicited papers that were sent out for external review was 76 days. Including desk rejections, the average time to initial decision was 54 days.
  • 20 (18%) of the 113 unsolicited submissions had a female author. 6 of those (or 30%) were sent for external review and accepted for publication.
  • 96 (85%) of the 113 unsolicited submissions had a male author. 14 of those (or 15%) were sent for external review and accepted for publication.
  • 33% of all accepted papers solicited or unsolicited (i.e., 10 of 30 accepted papers) had a female author.

Most Cited

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91 3 Alisa Bokulich Metaphysical Indeterminacy, Properties, and Quantum Theory 10
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This data tracks number of citations for articles published since v.90-1 (when the journal rebranded), according to Google Scholar as of November 2018