The Res Philosophica Conference is hosted by the Department of Philosophy at Saint Louis University. The themes are chosen by members of the Department, and the papers from the conference are published in a special issue of the journal.

2017 Conference: Race and Gender

The 2017 Res Philosophica Conference, titled Race and Gender, is organized by Colleen McCluskey and will be held April 28–29, 2017 at Saint Louis University. For more information, please select a tab below.
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Tina Botts
Tommy Curry
Lewis Gordon
Leonard Harris
Michele Moody-Adams
Naomi Zack


Leamon Bazil
Robert Bernasconi
Lee McBride
Brad Elliott Stone
Vanessa Wills
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All sessions are located in the Pere Marquette Gallery on the Saint Louis University Campus, located in DuBourg Hall at 1 North Grand Blvd, St. Louis, MO.

Friday, April 28
9:00–10:30 Lewis Gordon (UConn), "Thinking through Some Themes of Race, Gender, and More"
Robert Bernasconi (Penn State), comments
Michael Barber (SLU), session chair

10:45–12:15 Tommy Curry (Texas A&M), "Killing Boogeymen: Phallicism & the Black Male Specter—A Genre Theory"
Brad Elliott Stone (Loyola Marymount), comments
Robert Strikwerda (SLU), session chair

12:30–2:00 Lunch Break

2:15–3:45 Naomi Zack (Oregon),"Contemporary Claims of Political Injustice: History and the Race to the Bottom"
Vanessa Wills (George Washington U), comments
Scott Ragland (SLU), session chair

4:00–5:30 Michele Moody-Adams (Columbia), "Democracy, Identity, and Politics"
Wade Memorial Lecture
Kathryn Lindeman (SLU), session chair
Saturday, April 29
9:00–10:30 Leonard Harris (Purdue), "Necro-being: An Actuarial Account of Racism"
Lee McBride (Wooster), comments
Leamon Bazil (SLU), session chair

10:45–12:15 Tina Fernandes Botts (Cal St-Fresno), "In Black and White: A Hermeneutic Argument Against Transracialism"
Leamon Bazil (SLU), comments
Saba Fatima (SIU Edwardsville), session chair
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For flights, you will fly to Saint Louis International Airport (STL).

Participants will stay at Hotel Ignacio.
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We welcome anyone who wants to attend sessions during the conference to join us. Please register. It is free but necessary so we can plan for space.

2016 Conference: Bridging Formal and Traditional Epistemology

The 2016 Res Philosophica Conference, on formal and traditional epistemology, was held April 8–9, 2016 at Saint Louis University, organized by Joe Salerno. Speakers were Kenny Easwaran, Alan Hájek, Terry Horgan, Susanna Rinard, Sherri Roush, and Julia Staffel. The papers, among others, were published in the April 2017 issue of the journal.

2014 Conference: Transformative Experiences

The 2014 Res Philosophica Conference, on transformative experience, was held September 19–20, 2014 at Saint Louis University. Speakers were Rachael Briggs, Jennifer Carr, Ruth Chang, John Collins, and L. A. Paul. Those papers, among others, were published in the April 2015 issue of the journal.