Modal Epistemology

Editor: Joe Salerno

Submission Deadline: February 3, 2020

Prize: $3,000

Call for Papers

Res Philosophica invites papers on the topic of modal epistemology for the 2020 Res Philosophica Essay Prize and a special issue of the journal. The author of the winning paper will receive a prize of $3,000, and the paper will be published in the associated special issue of the journal on the same topic. Submissions for the prize will be automatically considered for publication in the journal's special issue, which will include an invited paper by Daniel Nolan.

Submissions addressing any of the many philosophical questions related to modal epistemology broadly construed are welcome. This includes issues related to the epistemology of modality (e.g., Rationalist, Counterfactualist vs Conceivability approaches) as well as modal analyses of epistemological notions (such as aprioricity, knowability, indicative ‘if,’ epistemic safety, etc.), and any other questions related to the language and logic of epistemic modals broadly construed.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions will be triple anonymously reviewed: authors do not know the identity of the referees; referees do not know the identity of the authors; and editors do not know the identity of the authors. Please format your submission so that it is suitable for anonymous review. (Instructions are available here.)

We do not normally publish papers longer than 12,000 words long (including footnotes). We prefer initial submissions in PDF format, but will also accept LaTeX and Microsoft Word documents. For accepted papers, we prefer Word, but will accept LaTeX documents as well.

Please use the online submission form for submitting your essay, available